Functional supramolecular polymers for self-diagnostic composites

PRIN 2017 [2019-2022]


The project aims at introducing self-diagnostic properties into polymers and carbon fiber reinforced composites. The challenge is to produce fluorescence signals directly linked to the stress-driven breaking of the weak bonds in host-guest complexes, leading to the visualization of emerging mechanical stress in the polymer matrix of the composite. The ultimate goal is to provide enabling technologies to transform polymers into smart materials, to meet the rising demand of safety-related non-destructive tests in structural composites.

Project duration

March 2019 – February 2022

Unibo team leader

Dr. Chiara Gualandi


University of Parma (Prof. Enrico Dalcanale)


Università di Parma
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (Italy)
Università di Messina
Università di Pisa
Università di Trieste


euro 556.200,00