Department of Excellence MIUR

The Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician" - CHIM has been recognized among the Italian Departments of Excellence and received an extraordinary funding from the Ministry of Education and the University of 8.674.000 € for a five-year development project which was among the 180 winners at national level according to the Financial Law 232 of 2016.

The project and the objectives

The main objective in the five years period 2018-2022 is to promote the department as a point of excellence, improving its results compared to recognized international benchmarks. CHIM's scientific mission is the development of pure and applied research themes in all areas of chemistry: the design and synthesis of new molecules and materials, the characterization of their structure and properties, theoretical studies and applications.


The areas that CHIM intends to explore are the same ones identified by the EU in the definition of Horizon 2020, they are in line with Industry 4.0, and represent societal challenges to be faced in the immediate future:

  1. environmental and energy sustainability
  2. health and well-being.

CHIM is aware that further strengthening will only be possible if it is able to operate in a highly inter- and multi-disciplinary manner. Therefore, the project aims to develop these themes, enhancing and using in a synergicistic manner the excellences already present as well as acquiring new ones.


  • Recruitment of teaching staff outside the University
  • Recruitment of fixed-term senior researchers (RTDB) in scientific areas considered strategic for the development of the Department
  • Recruitment of technical and administrative staff to support the competitive research and training activities envisaged in the Project
  • Investment in research infrastructures, in particular new and innovative equipment and new research laboratories in the Bologna and Rimini campuses
  • Strengthening of second and third level teaching activities on strategic issues for the development of the Department and the Project and specific projects for attracting foreign students
  • Prize-winning for teachers and administrative technical staff
  • Promotion of participation in competitive research tenders and interdepartmental cooperation and collaborations with structures of excellence at international level
  • Encouragement of international exchange both at the level of students and teachers