About us

The Library is part of the University Library System. Starting from 2019, the "Giacomo Ciamician" and "Chimica Industriale" sections will join in the Chemistry Library of the University of Bologna

The library, placed within the "Giacomo Ciamician" Department of Chemistry, offers the services of acquisition, inventory, cataloging of the bibliographic-documentary material acquired, ensuring access and reading on site, the local loan and the reproduction of documents available to users in compliance with the italian copyright laws.

In the library loans are made to the textbooks adopted in the teaching courses and the Interlibrary Loan service is active. The delivery of documents is guaranteed for the disciplinary areas of competence. In addition, access to catalogs and online resources is guaranteed through the AlmaWiFi service and workstations dedicated to bibliographic research.

The orientation and bibliographic information and consultancy service is provided during the library's opening hours until 5 pm; Friday until 2.00 pm. The volumes are magnetically protected with an anti-shoplifting system.

OPENING HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:45 pm


Where we are

Chemistry Library, section "Giacomo Ciamician". Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna

Bologna, via Francesco Selmi, 2 - CAP 40126

How to reach us

The building is in via Selmi 2

From the airport: aerobus to the central station and then bus 32 (get off at the Filopanti stop).

From the central station by bus: bus 32, get off at the fourth stop (Filopanti), continue on foot on via S. Giacomo (street on the right) and turn first street on the left (via Selmi).

From the central station on foot: you can get there in about 20 minutes by following via Indipendenza, via Irnerio, via DeRolandis, via S.Giacomo to via Selmi. It is accessed from the ring road through Via S. Giacomo.

By car: access by car is reserved for residents and limited to authorized persons only.