Spin-offs have been developed in the University of Bologna since 2001. The companies can be participated (by Almacube srl of directly by UniBo), or accredited and not-participated.


Active since: 2021
Field: drug design, preclinic

website: insimili.com

B-Plas Sbrl

Acrtive since 2021
Field: plant engineering, sludge valorization

Web site: www.b-plas.it

Sinbiosys srl

Active since: 2019
Field: Quantum Dots

website: sinbiosys.com

bettery logo


Active since 2018
Fields: energy, batteries

Web site: bettery.eu

Stemsel logo

Stem Sel Srl

Active since 2013
Fields: pharmaceutical, biotechnology

Web site: www.stemsel.it

personal genomics logo

Personal genomics srl

Active since 2011
Field: biotechnology

Web site: personalgenomics.it

byflow logo

byFlow Srl

Active since 2010
Fields: nano/biotechnology; bioanalytical chemistry

Web site: byflow.it