The Notte dei Ricercatori (Researcher's night) is an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2005 which involves thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries every year. The goal is to create opportunities for researchers and citizens to meet to spread the scientific culture and knowledge of research professions in an informal and stimulating context. Events include live scientific experiments and demonstrations, exhibitions and guided tours, lectures and seminars, shows and concerts. The Department participates with many initiatives at the night of the researchers, since the first edition.

Pint of Science is an annual festival, born in London in 2013, that brought to the general public some of the most renowned researchers to tell their innovative work to science and beer lovers.
The researchers of our Department always participate with great enthusiasm.

The Chemistry collection "Giacomo Ciamician" , officially established in 1983 following the recovery and restoration of the material dispersed in the deposits of the "G. Ciamician" Institute at the time, includes numerous pieces from the last decade of the nineteenth century, used both for scientific research and as a teaching aid for students. The material collected is exposed to the public in exposed cabinets in the main corridors of the Department. The collection is open to the public for free visits, or for schools and groups for guided tours, by reservation.