8 Feb 2022


Alessandro Ianiro seminar on Bio-inspired Electricity

Aula III, Dipartimento di Chimica “Giacomo Ciamician”

Adolphe Merkle Institute, Fribourg, Switzerland

7 Oct 2021


Seminar with Prof. Marcantoni

Aula 3, via Selmi 2, 40126 Bologna

Title: Organic Synthesis Contributing to Develop Chemical Biology

26 Aug 2021 24 Sep 2021

Presentations and meetings

Waiting for the European Researchers' night

CostArena (Via Azzo Gardino, 48 - Bologna)

From 25 August many events for schools and citizens

19 Sep 2021

Presentations and meetings

UPGRADE: the first TEDx talk in Castelfranco Emilia

Bosco Albergati

Our Prof Sahra Talamo is an invited speaker at the first TEDx talk in Castelfranco Emilia

7 Sep 2021


Seminar: Prof. J.-C. Guillemin

Aula V, sia Selmi 2

Some aspects of organic chemistry applied to the chemistry of the interstellar medium

23 Nov 2020


WEBINAR Prof. Dr. Lam, Kit S - From combinatorial chemistry to nanoteheranostic agents

Online meeting, TEAMS

Online meeting, TEAMS

28 Jul 2020

Career guidance and work

OPEN DAY: Master’s Degree in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials

Virtual room

Take the chance to meet the students, staff and professors, ask for details about the contents, services and opportunities offered by the degree programme.

14 Jul 2020


WEBINAR - Dr. Carlo Bravin


Functional dynamic systems: a journey from supramolecular cages to vesicles

13 Jul 2020


WEBINAR - Professors Maria Assunta Navarra, Barbara Mecheri, Stefano Caramori


Energy storage and conversion: perspectives and challenges

15 Jun 2020


WEBINAR del Dr. Guillaume Vincent


Dearomatization of Indoles: for the Total Synthesis of Natural Products

4 Jun 2020


WEBINAR - Dr. Vincenzo Palermo

Online: microsoft teams

Chemistry in 2 dimensions: interaction of ions and molecules with graphene-based electrodes and filters