Supramolecular chemistry and stereochemistry

Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled nanoarchitectures with embedded optical, magnetic or electronic properties, suitable for molecular devices.

Group members

Stefano Masiero

Associate Professor

Silvia Pieraccini

Assistant professor

Research activity

The hierarchical organization of non-covalent interactions is exploited in solution, in the liquid-crystalline phase and on solid surfaces. In this context, the possibility of controlling order and properties of the systems through chemical or physical stimuli is investigated with the aim of realizing molecular switches, and, in particular, systems able to directly convert light into mechanical energy. Concerning to the stereochemical field, chiroptical properties both at molecular and supramolecular level are explored by Circular Dichroism spectroscopy. A further topic concerns the use of liquid crystals for chiral amplification. The transfer of chirality from the molecular to the supramolecular level can be exploited for the stereochemical characterization of chiral dopants and for designing new nanomaterials.

ERC panels

PE3_4 Electronic properties of materials, surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures

PE4_6 Chemical physics

PE5_4 Thin films

PE5_8 Intelligent materials – self assembled materials

PE5_16 Supramolecular chemistry

PE5_17 Organic chemistry

LS1_1 Molecular interactions


Prof. S.P. Brown, Univ. of Warwick (UK)

Prof. J.T. Davis, Univ. Maryland (USA)

Prof. I. Drevenšek Olenik, Univ. di Lubiana (SLO)

Prof. P. Mariani, Univ. di Ancona

Prof. R. Rinaldi, Univ. di Lecce

Prof. P. Samorì / Dr. A. Ciesielski, ISIS, Strasburg (F)


Licen, M.; Masiero, S.; Drevensk-Olenik, I - Photoisomerizable Guanosine Derivative as a Probe for DNA Base-Pairing in Langmuir Monolayers - LANGMUIR   Volume: 35   Issue: 20   Pages: 6550-6561   Published: MAY 21 2019

Pieraccini, S.; Campitiello, M.; Carducci, F.; Davis, J.T.; Mariani, P.; Masiero, S. - Playing supramolecular dominoes with light: building and breaking a photoreversible G-quadruplex made from guanosine, boric acid and an azobenzene - ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY Volume: 17   Issue: 10   Pages: 2759-2769   Published: MAR 14 2019

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