EPR laboratory


The paramagnetic electronic resonance instrument (EPR ELEXYS E500 Bruker) is used to quantify and characterize both neutral and charged free radicals. In particular, it is possible to determine the spectroscopic properties, life times and reactivity of species containing unpaired electrons. In our laboratory EPR spectroscopy is also used for the study of supramolecular architectures by introducing appropriate paramagnetic probes. In this way it is possible to obtain information on non-covalent complexes that are complementary to those obtainable with traditional spectroscopic techniques.


Variable temperature EPR experiment unit (78K-450K)

Photochemical UV lamp for the generation of radical species

Electrochemical cell with potentiostat for the generation of radical species by electrochemistry.


Prof. Marco Lucarini

Teaching and training activity

The laboratory offers its resources to support the development of degree theses and research projects of doctoral and post-graduate students.


The lab offer a wide variety of services.