Photochemical nanosciences lab

Description of the laboratory


The activities carried out concern frontier research in the field of nanosciences which, however, may also have applications in the short term in the fields of analytical sciences (chemosensors), medical diagnostics and therapy (biosensors, sensitizers for photothermal or photodynamic therapies, systems for controlled release of substances), conversion of solar energy (antennas, photosensitizers, charge separation centers, catalysts), light sources (LEDs, LECs), advanced devices and materials (memories, logic circuits, machines and molecular motors).


Photophysics: UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer; instruments for absorption and emission spectroscopy with polarized light: circular dicroism, steady-state and time-resolved luminescence anisotropy; spectrofluorometer to measure time-resolved luminescence; transient absorption and emission spectroscopy by laser excitation; stopped-flow instrument to study reaction kinetics by absorption and emission spectroscopy; fluorescence wide-field and confocal microscope. 
Photochemistry: apparatus for irradiation with lamps, lasers, LEDs (from UV to NIR) 
Electrochemistry: electrochemical equipment for cyclic and differential-pulsed voltammetry, chronoamperometry, coulometry with conventional and ultramicroelectrodes; equipment for complex impedance spectroscopy; absorption and emission spectroelectrochemistry 
Structural characterization: Dynamic Light Scattering, range: 0.6-6000 nm, and zeta potential of macromolecules and colloids in solution, Atomic Force Microscopy

Pumps, syringes and tubes for microfluidic experiments

Educational and training activity

  • esercitazioni di corsti triennali e magistrali nell’ambito di Fotochimica e Nanoscienze
  • sviluppo tesi di laurea
  • sviluppo di progetti di ricerca di dottorandi e postdoc