ROXANNE - Redox-triggered Aggregation-induced-Emission for high-end applications

PRIN Ottobre 2023 – Settembre 2025


ROXANNE project proposes the introduction of a new concept in aggregation induced emission (AIE) probes: the investigation of orthogonal redox and luminescent stimuli, to obtain independent triggers that can switch on and off the aggregation and, therefore, the luminescence. These will be applied to organized (bio)polymeric structures, to (i) shine light on the fundamental mechanisms of AIE, to (ii) generate predictable quantitative responses from AIE for superior application in sensing schemes, and to (ii) open new avenues in fueled biomimetic systems, in mechanoluminescent sensing materials and in super-resolution microscopy methods.

Scientific responsible for the Department

Damiano Genovese (local coordinator)


Università di Padova (Italy)